Pillars of Eternity

A selection of player portraits I made/helped out with/spiffed up for Pillars of Eternity, with the support and direction of Kazunori Aruga.


For a Final Fantasy themed contest. Wish me luck!


Fun little project to design unique costumes for the cast of DA:O.

Yacht Club Zombies

Steam Bandits: Outpost

It's that game I've been working on for the past year!

Cyberpunk Girl

An original character getting her yearly redesign.


Click to watch the final gameplay video!
Level art and lighting for Blink done in UDK.

Fan Characters

Characters for a fan project I'm doing on the side with some friends.

Cookie & Cache

Named by my lovely Livestream buddies! A club hopper and a scalper from some kind of retro-future metropolis.